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IPC Packaging partner

The market for fresh-cut products rises over time due to high demand and convenience. Food freshly is also entering the fresh-cut produce market as demand for products containing natural nutrients increases. To this end, our first step is to clean, clean with our solution that will kill all pathogens, the second step is to treat with our own freshness retainers that extend the shelf life of fresh-cut products and the last packaging. We joined our hands with new JV partner IPC packaging from the USA for top-quality plastic packages because we don't want to compromise with quality.

With over fifty years of experience, Inline plastics produce 100% of recyclable products, PET clamshell, and two-piece containers offer packagers and retailers products specifically intended to market food attractively while meeting customer requirements for safety, comfort and environmental responsibility at the same time. In addition to innovative designs, they continually strive to provide the greatest quality.