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3P is our patented process designed specifically as a holistic approach to maximizing food safety and shelf-life extension. The 3P process is precisely tailored to each customer’s processing needs. First the water used to pre-wash the raw products is tested to identify external impurities (yeast, e-coli, listeria, mould, bacteria etc.) which can affect food safety and shelf-life. By adding our Pre-Sanitizing Agents Fruit Cleaner Antiox® FCA DE-100 into the water we can help eliminate these external contaminants that may otherwise be carried through to the final packaging.

3P can help reduce water and energy costs by 60% while ensuring a 99.995% reduction of the most common bacteria found in processing water and extend shelf-life for up to 21 days.

After the product is washed it is dipped in one of patented Freshness Retainers to preserve freshness. The choice of the Freshness Retainer, dosage, and the treatment time are specifically matched for each product, keeping your process water free of all germs and bacteria for up to 24 hours, using our sanitizers.

The FCA DE-100 application is 100% compatible with FOOD freshly® Freshness Retainer Formulations